Monday, August 7, 2017

Vintage travel bags!

The Esther Bag is an homage to one of my loyalest bag companions throughout the years. Back at around 2011, my friend got me a nice vintage travel bag set. It included a large suitcase, a travel bag, and other accessories. Yet the travel bag was a bit too small to be considered a full on travel bag, but featured a convenient design that I enjoyed to use for sketchbooks and utensils. It served me well for about 3 years until my daughter fell in love with it too so I gave it to her instead. She used it for another 2 years until it wore out too much and now it sits in her closet among the other retired bags.

I loved the basic style of the frame design with its green vintage style leather. As such, the Esther Bag is an homage to this old companion of mine that is now resting in one - literally! - peace in the closet. Those of you who have the option of using artificial leather, I highly recommend using it as the outcome can be drastically different from regular fabric. Otherwise I would use Oxford fabric or flowery prints for the fabric.

Esther Bag PDF Pattern

Sylvia Bag PDF Pattern

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Barbara said...

I have just found your patterns and have liked about 50 of them. Exactly what I was looking for. Will be making these as fast as I can. BTW born in Winnipeg and raised in Brandon now in Halifax. Barbara at