Friday, October 27, 2017

The Japanese Knot Bag!

The Japanese Knot Bag is a small and round shaped design featuring uneven handles as the method of closure. This sort of "knot" keeps the bag secure and closed but at the same time is a convenient pleasure to carry! The pattern also does not call for any zippers or magnetic snaps of any types since the handles serve as the method of closure. Thanks to this element, the bag can easily be used in reverse just as well. The Suki Japanese Knot Bag is an easy to make project that beginners can have a fun go at it as well! The versatile features also expand to its pattern too since the product includes TWO pattern variations. A smaller style that can be used on the wrist or as a purse and a larger shoulder bag. Both styles will make a great set!

Suki Japanese Knot Bags

The Rosalia Tote Bag also features 2 different styles. It's a modern Tote Bag with a simple design in combination with leather straps and leather outside. I personally use this bag to carry around library books - especially larger picture books for children!
Rosalia Tote Bag

Friday, September 8, 2017

New backpack and another 1 hour project!

It's common to have a bit of leftover fabric after an enjoyable sewing project. Most of the time, it's difficult to start another project with these scraps as it just doesn't amount to enough... Yet it feels so wasteful to just throw away! Especially the beautiful - and pricey - designer fabrics. This sort of mentality inspired me to hoard a lot of scrap fabric over the years. With these fabrics, I leave just enough to have my own "hobby" time. When your passion becomes your career, sometimes you forget to enjoy the activity again. This scrap bin has been my source of joy and fun with sewing when I need my time off. These small scraps were the perfect candidates for short 1 hour projects after dinner. With it, I could quickly make small pouches - coin cases, pencil case, you name it! The relaxing and stress relief I felt from these simple projects was the perfect way to wind down after a long day.

And today I want to share this enjoyment with you all! The Simone Pouches is a simple 1 hour project that does not require a lot of fabric and only starts at $2.79! The pattern includes 3 different variations - so you'll be getting 3 patterns for this very low price! The coin purse, pencil case, and the general pouch can all be made with a single fat quarter of fabric. Get the Simone Pouches today!

Brendan Backpack PDF Pattern

Siomne Pouches (3 Style) PDF Pattern

Monday, August 7, 2017

Vintage travel bags!

The Esther Bag is an homage to one of my loyalest bag companions throughout the years. Back at around 2011, my friend got me a nice vintage travel bag set. It included a large suitcase, a travel bag, and other accessories. Yet the travel bag was a bit too small to be considered a full on travel bag, but featured a convenient design that I enjoyed to use for sketchbooks and utensils. It served me well for about 3 years until my daughter fell in love with it too so I gave it to her instead. She used it for another 2 years until it wore out too much and now it sits in her closet among the other retired bags.

I loved the basic style of the frame design with its green vintage style leather. As such, the Esther Bag is an homage to this old companion of mine that is now resting in one - literally! - peace in the closet. Those of you who have the option of using artificial leather, I highly recommend using it as the outcome can be drastically different from regular fabric. Otherwise I would use Oxford fabric or flowery prints for the fabric.

Esther Bag PDF Pattern

Sylvia Bag PDF Pattern

Saturday, July 29, 2017

New Laptop Design That Isn't Boring!

 For me whenever I thought about "laptop bags", I thought of bags typically made with leather or nylon/polyamide and with a pretty generic boring and formal briefcase design. However recently though, we've been been getting more different styles such as backpack or cross bag style laptop bags. Yet they still used the same boring material and colors. Because of this I started looking for companies that would satisfy my preferences, and eventually I did find some. At first I was so excited but in the end I ended up resorting to the old fashioned black colored laptop bags. The designs of these "less boring" bags ended up being less practical, touting unimpressive designs, or too expensive!

I've been hard at work for a new laptop bag for people like myself who were not satisfied by the market standard! Although it features a standard briefcase design, it touts special aspects that you cannot find in other bags from the market. By using fabrics with geometric prints and a matching leather buckle strap on the front pocket, the project can result in a very elegant feel. If you find it difficult to find the right buckle, I would also recommend a 3/4" inch leather strap. The pattern is perfect not only for yourself but as a gift to your children, significant other, or friends!

Judith Laptop Bag PDF Pattern

I love the Lorene Bag! It's quickly become my favorite when I'm out and about as the small design makes it comfortable and perfect for just the phone and wallet. I highly recommend this quick to make modern design shoulder bag for all sewers! Requiring not a lot of fabric, simple instructions, and a fashionable design, the Lorene Bag is perfect for all situation

Lorene Bag PDF Pattern

Friday, July 14, 2017

Special 1 Hour Projects for Everyone!

This week I thought about opening a brand new category for all our avid sewers! Geared towards beginners and sewers short on time! The projects are quick, easy, convenient patterns for everyone!
Mei Kimono Bag

To celebrate, the Mei Kimono Bag is another pattern that I would recommend for new sewers as the easy to understand process is perfect for grasping some important sewing concepts. For the fabric, I recommend oriental style inspired fabrics and materials for the best results. There were suggestions in adding this to our 1-Hour Project collections, however due to the total length of the product it was excluded from the set but I would still recommend it to any sewers who want a unique looking Kimono Bag!
Brenna MacBook
As for the Brenna Macbook Bag, I feel like this is one of my personal favorites of the recent releases. I like to carry around my Macbook around - still prefer a real keyboard over the touchscreens on iPads or phones - and as such this bag as served me very well so far! Although named as the Macbook Bag, the pattern is designed to also be used as a casual cross bag. Using the right set of fabrics can also make it a school bag or a companion for the office.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Casual Bags for Casual Days!

Both the patterns this week are for any "casual" day as they are "casual" bags! The patterns are best suited for teens and any time you need a casual look for the day. I especially loved this project not just as the perfect gift for teens but the opportunity it created for my daughter and I when she was learning to sew. As a great introductory project, if you have any children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, or any young spirit looking to sew use the Chloris Bag or the Danica Bag! The unique experience from choosing the fabric together up to the creation of the bag will stick with the child whenever they wear the bag!

Chloris Bags (2 Sizes) PDF Pattern
Chloris Bag and the Danica Bag (2 Styles) all are catered towards this sort of purpose. The Danica Bag features both a zipper styled bag as well as a flap closing. It includes two different instructions so it's like getting two patterns for the price of one! On the other hand, the Chloris Bag is the perfect balance between beginner and intermediate sewing levels. The small size of the Chloris Bag is especially adorable on kids and the bag is perfect for all seasons!

Danica Bags(2 Styles) PDF Pattern

The combo this week will feature both new releases as well as the Joyce Pouch - a perfect companion for both bag styles for 55% OFF! The Joyce Pouch also features 2 distinct styles so in total you'll get 6 patterns for $9.90! Don't miss out on this awesome chance!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Simple and Lazy Patterns I love!

I personally love patterns and instructions for lazy sewers. Quick and simple projects that can be completed in an afternoon is precious to me - maybe because I'm lazy or due to a lack of time. As such my patterns and instructions follow a certain philosophy that if it could be simple. I personally love patterns and instructions for lazy sewers. Quick and simple projects that can be completed in an afternoon is precious to me - maybe because I'm lazy or due to a lack of time. As such my patterns and instructions follow a certain philosophy that if it could be simple.

1262 Irene Bag PDF Pattern

However after completing the sample, instructions, and almost near release I had a lot of questions. The number of pages on the instructions were numerous and the processes were long. Even I skipped a step or two during the making process! But in the end I decided to release it because of the fantastic design. I am especially proud of this one. The bag features a professional look and feel with a modern design and the instructions come with over 80 pictures and illustrations to help you through the whole process. Get the Irene Bag for 50% off during the new release sale!

1263 Meredith Bag PDF Pattern

Two Bags & Clutch Combo PDF Pattern

1265 Baby Present Combo